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Athens Sleep and Wellness Center

Athens Sleep and Wellness Center is a full service, AASM Accredited Sleep Disorder Center located in Athens, Georgia. Our center is designed to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible, while our trained staff of technologists test for any sleep problems.  Our sleep rooms are designed to feel like a bedroom, not a hospital room.  Our commitment is to provide fast, quality results while maintaining a close follow up relationship with our patients.

Athens Sleep And Wellness Center provides the highest quality care evaluation and followup by our certified sleep technologists and staff.

We are located at 1490 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA  30606.  We are across from UGA's medical campus, on the corner of Prince Avenue and Buena Vista.

Educational Programs

We are happy to announce a new training course offered at Athens Sleep and Wellness Center.  Our Polysomnography Boot Camp for Medical Professionals is a 40 hour course designed to introduce Medical Professionals the basics of Polysomnography and running sleep studies.  Click here for more details.

New rounds of the A-STEP have been added .  Registration is now OPEN!  Click here for more details.

Sleep Screening

Call 706-613-6990 to setup your Sleep Screening.  Screenings involve questionnaires and Overnight Pulse Oximetry at home.  Click Here to download the questionnaires and instructions.


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Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea is a condition that makes a person stop breathing during sleep
 This can cause or worsen other conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and fatigue.

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CPAP Clinic
CPAP Clinic is our follow-up program for people on PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) therapy
 We help people work through any problems they are having with their machine or mask to optimize the therapy.

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From David, Athens GA
 "Meredith rescued me after I had given up.  She's the best!  If you are sleepy by the mid-afternoon and/or have chronic headaches, call Meredith!"

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We offer At Home Sleep Testing
Home Sleep Testing allows a patient to take home a portable device to test them for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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