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Polysomnography Boot Camp for Medical Professionals

This course is designed for credentialed Medical Professionals who meet the BRPT Pathway #2 for RPSGT Eligibility.  These candidates hold medical credentials and do not have to complete the A-STEP course to become eligible to sit for the RPSGT exam.  This course is designed to train a Medical Professional to begin work as a Sleep Technologist.

Course Work

Over the 40 hours of the course, the student will learn the International 10/20 system, how to hookup a patient, how to run a sleep study along with performing PAP titration, and how to stage and score a sleep study.  The course is divided into both didactic and clinical portions.  The student will spend around 16 hours in didactic and practical instruction and around 24 hours in clinical practice.  The clinical portion of the course consists of hooking up and running an actual study along with staging and scoring the study that was run.


Cost of the course is $1,200.00 and covers the course, textbook, and all clinical supplies.  Students will have online access to all course materials for one year following the course.

Course Times

This course is provided on a first come, first served, on demand way.  Since most Medical Professionals are working to maintain their current skill levels in the workforce, we are flexible to the scheduling of this course.  Didactic portions of the course are offered during the day, while clinical portions are at night (usually 8 pm to 7 am).  Please contact the instructor Jarrod Rowe, RPSGT, RST at Jarrod@SleepMedicineUSA.com if you would like to schedule a course.

Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate of completion from Athens Sleep and Wellness Center.  Please contact Jarrod Rowe, RPSGT, RST at 706-613-6990 or Jarrod@SleepMedicineUSA.com for more information.