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"Shelby was fantatstic!  She calmed my anxiety concerning this study!  her compassion, hepfulness, and friendly beside manner helped me immensly through this process!"

"Kayley was very professional and personable which helped me be at ease during this experience."

"Markie was very friendly and professional.  He answered every question I had."

"I came here not knowing what to expect.  It was a pleasant experience even with all the wires.  Jarrod was professional, helpful and answered all of my questions."

"Meredith rescued me after I had given up. She's the best! If you are sleepy by the mid-afternoon and/or have chronic headaches, call Meredith!" -David from Athens

"Gary is such a warm individual! Talking with him is like chatting with an old friend, yet you know that he is completely professional and competent. Gary was my technician on two different nights and he was perfect on both occasions. With his charming personality, kindness, and expertise, Gary is a HUGE asset to Athens Sleep & Wellness Center." - Natalie, Athens

"Meredith was so sweet to me during my stay at Athens Sleep & Wellness Center. She is very conscientious and completely professional. You know how you can tell when someone likes their job? They ACT like it . . .and I saw this time and time again in Meredith!" - Natalie, Athens

"Our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Agrawal and the hardworking staff of Sleep Health 2012 for a very successful and fruitful seminar.  Looking forward to seeing you next year.  Until then may our good Lord bless and keep you all." - Mr. Reyes

"Thank you for the very informative conference!  i had a wonderful time and am looking forward to next year" - Mrs. Jobli

A testimonial from a new patient.

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