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What To Expect

The study is preformed in a private sleep room. This is a painless procedure.

No needles, drugs or invasive procedures are used.

We have free WIFI available.  Ask your technologist for the password.

Prior to Reporting to the Center

The following preparations should be made just before your stay at the Sleep Center:

  • Do not nap during the day of study!!!
  • No caffeine after noon on day of study
  • Shower and shampoo your hair 
  • Avoid using anything on your hair after it has been cleaned and dried, such as gels, hair sprays, etc….
  • Do not wear make-up, wigs, hair pieces or jewelry
  • Do not use creams or lotions on your skin, unless you have to use as medication
  • Pack your sleep wear, preferably made of cotton, and toiletries
  • If applicable, bring your reading glasses
  • If you prefer, bring a favorite blanket or pillow
  • You may bring reading material or other items that can help you pass the time before bedtime. There is a television in each patient’s room
  • Men should shave before arriving for study
  • If you usually take medications before going to bed, other than sleeping pills, bring them with you. Bring all night medications with you
  • Check website or contact us for directions and map to the Sleep Center