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When You Arrive

Arrival times are between 8:00 PM and 8:15 PM – all parking is reserved for patients.

You will be greeted by one of our Sleep Technologist who will show you to your room and give you time to change into your sleepwear. The testing procedure will be reviewed and questions answered. In preparation for the test, special sensors are places on your scalp, forehead, chin, temples, chest, and index finger. An airflow sensor is also placed under the nose.

You shouldn’t experience any discomfort or pain as the sensors are applied. The Sleep Technologist will explain the purpose of the sensors. The sensors placed on the scalp will be applied by parting the hair and placing sensor on the scalp, no shaving of hair on the head is needed.  MEN SHOULD SHAVE THEIR FACES BEFORE ARRIVING FOR THEIR STUDY. Minor shaving may be required on the chest or leg. After placement of the sleep monitoring sensors, you are free to relax until bedtime. Please tell the Sleep Technologist your normal sleep and waking times or any information you would like your Doctor to know.

At Bedtime:

Just before your bedtime, the Sleep Technologist will attach the leads (wires) from your sensors to the computer monitoring equipment located in your room. Although it might seem a bit awkward to sleep with the wires attached, it usually doesn’t cause any discomfort. The Sleep Technologist will remain in another room of the Sleep Center through out the monitoring process.