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When do I Replace My CPAP Supplies?
Posted on Thursday, February 28 @ 00:00:00 EST by smusa

General news about Sleep Medicine USA. How often should I replace my CPAP supplies?

Replacing CPAP masks and supplies are essential in maintaining optimal therapy.

Most insurances follow Medicare's guidelines in replacement amounts and times.  Below are the recomended time and amounts for replacement.

Mask (Full Face, Nasal, Oral/Nasal) - 1 every 3 months
Full Face Mask Cushion - 1 every month
Nasal Mask Cushion - 2 every month
Nasal Pillows - 2 every month
Nasal and Oral Cushions for Oral/Nasal mask - 2 every month
Headgear for Mask - 1 every 6 months
Tubing - 1 every 3 months
Disposable Filter - 2 every month
Reusable Filter - 1 every month
Humidifier Chamber - 1 every 6 months
Tubing with Integrated Heating Element - 1 every 3 months

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